I bought an nVidia 450 on Newegg, and was then informed I could get a better card for less, the Radeon 5770. Being a quick buyer, and with the intent of doing a simple RMA on the 450, I ordered the Radeon.

Now, to make sure with a good community, which do I put into my computer for GAMING. The 450 or the 5770?


i7 420
6GB Ram
23' monitor running at 1920x1080.
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  1. both are pretty good cards. i'd probably go with the 5770. unless you wanna buy another 450 and run sli. then the the 450. but if you cant/dont want to run sli, go with the 5770 imo.
  2. the 5770 is a decent 15-20% better in average than the 450 on stock clocks, so if its the same price, keep the 5770.

    Though neither would max out 1080p gaming.
  3. Alright, so keeping the 5770, what is the best I can do overclocking the 5770?
  4. depends on what cooler you have, 1Ghz is reasonable with a decent cooler/voltage control.
  5. RMA is too easy. Research, then buy. RMA for buyers remorse just makes everything more expensive.
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