Asus p8p67 bios update issue

i have got an issue and want hep
i updated bios of asus p8p67 by asus bios updater in ai suite
i download latest bios version frm asus site and then updated it frm the option of update from the file.
now when i flashed it successfully it resarted and gave me a msg that flash it again.
i repeated the process and now system is not booting up
ir restarts automatically in 10 seconds without anything on screen not even speaker beep. what might be the issue. board is in asus warranty. urgent reply
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  1. Why did the update fail in the first place?
    1) Are you certain you specified the bios for your exact motherboard and revision?
    2) It sometimes takes longer than you think. Be patient, wait to be certain the process is complete.

    I think it is safer to update the bios using the EZ Flash utility.
    Download the bios to a usb drive.

    To recover from a failed flash, read you manual, the section on the crashfree bios 3 utility.

    If you can't even get into the bios, try clearing the cmos to entirely reset to the default original bios.
    Here's how:
  2. dont knw why it failed by it said to flash it again. and i have tried all. even changed the jumper and paced it back as given in manual. removed the battry and replaced it. even swapped the rams but nuthig happen. i even put driver cd in dvd rom bt it is restarting again and again. have been trying whole day
  3. and yeah did for my motherboard. exact bios from asus site
  4. It might be time to contact ASUS support.
    Either for a solution, or to initiate a RMA.
  5. yeah i was thinking same. but do they claim warranty on bios issues? some forums said it donot. they say we are not responsible for asus software. thats rubbish for them to say. i mean who the hell is then responsible. why do they claim that their settings are recoverable and failsafe. whats asus famous for?
  6. Contact them and find out. They have no incentive to zipp off customers.
  7. yeah. i hope they do cooperate.....thanks dude
  8. have you manage to flash the lateat bios already?
    and did you read the note in asus bios download site carefully?
    you should flash the bios twice. pull off the plug from wall, remove bios battery for at least 1minute before putting it back. you can use bthe bios rest jumper but i recommend to remove battery method.
  9. you can use the bios reset jumper but i recommend to remove battery method. after that reboot. now your bios is successfully updated.
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