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Very loud noise with Radon 6970

I have a Radeon 6970 card, I just finished building my box today, turned it on, and right away started this beeping noise. At first I thought its the case speaker and that I have a really loud one, but after disconnecting the speaker and starting again the same thing. Only after booting up without the card there was no noise.

I am talking about serious noise that doesn't stop. Sounds like a REALLY loud BIOS beep but only a continuous one and it doesn't stop until I turn off.

Maybe has to do with power?? There are 2 connection types on the card to get power from the PSU. I only connected to one of them. Is there any chance in the world the TWO connections need to be hooked up?

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    yeah. connect both of them. thats why they're both there.
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  3. That was it...

    I was just afraid of frying the thing so I wanted to make sure.

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