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ATI Radeon HD 5770 - Overdrive Crash

Good evening all,

Firstly, Id like to say that I built my own computer here. So I cant hold any companies accountable for what I have inside except for the separate warranty Ive received form each part purchased. That out of the way I can get on to what my actual problem is here.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing Crysis 2 and I realized that it ran a little slowly so I decided to see if there were any new drivers available for my graphics card which would make the game run better and smoother. I looked on the ATI website and lo and behold there was indeed an update available. I quickly downloaded and installed said update.

Now I don't know if you're all familiar with the ATI Radeon cards but my specific one ( I cant speak for all since Ive never owned all of them) comes with a program called Catalyst control center. This program allows you to tweak your cards settings and other qualities. The important aspect of this program being the overdrive function of the Catalyst Control Center. Anyway, I look in this program and under the pull down menu on the right Under "Performance" I click this selection called AMD Overdrive which leads me to a screen that shows, among other things, the current temperature of the card its activity and its fan speed. From here I pressed the button auto tune which allowed the computer to test the limits of my graphics card and to find out exactly how far it can push it. Upon realization of how far the card can be pushed my card will have a setting for OverDrive which I can check off if I want the card to run at its full potential.

However, the whenever I enable this AMD Overdrive my computer crashes. This never used to happen before, with prior updates but it is now occurring constantly. Of course I dont leave it on at all times maybe an hour at most when Im playing graphically intense games.

I can give you anything you want to know about my computer hardware as long as you put your terminology in laymans terms as I am not entirely familiar with the inner workings of computers.

Thanks in advance all.
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  1. I have never successfully gotten the Tune function to work with any AMD/ATI card I've owned. I have always overclock myself and just gradually increased the settings myself and tested with other applications.
  2. Odd, you would think that the program that comes with this card would be the best thing for it and that usage of third party programs ( or even tuning it yourself) may void the warranty on the card.

    But as you said Jay, I've been searching the internet after this post and all I could find were people saying that the program does not work at all.

    Maybe I should take this issue up with the manufacturer?
  3. my computer would do that a lot too. Blue screens, black screens, freeze, etc etc... I uninstalled my intel media accelerator driver and all was perfect. Never had the problem ever again. Most of the time you don't have to "disable" or "uninstall" onboard graphics but in my case it was the problem.
  4. P.s. - set it to run with windows scheme.
  5. I'll give that a try when I get back to my house. Thanks.
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    ...make sure that all of your old ati drivers are uninstalled too. Only run the newest version. I believe you get the whole setup with application with 11.3. Don't know what chipset you have (Amd or Intel) but if you've got newer Intel just get rid of the media accelerator driver since it sucks anyway. If you ever want it back you can always go to Intels website and re-download it. I cranked mine up to 945/1430mhz and scored a 7.7 windows experience index. Anyway, I typically run default speeds as it handles most games well as long as you keep the AA at 4x.

    hope it works out for you.

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