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    I think your a lucky bastered who can afford an amazing gaming rig =) Wish i had the $$ for something even near that

    I'm sorry to tell you but uhhhh your just cursed on a forum it's not permitted here but I won't report you since your new but for a warning no cursing please you can be banned.
  2. Thanks and that's what happens when you work 2 jobs when your going to college you have to get some perks =)
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    You might like this :

    CPU & Motherboard : $428- i7-2600K & MSI P67A G45 (Same processcor and motherboard that cheaper and has the same features).Save $77

    RAM : $75- GSkill Sniper 2X 4GB (Cheaper and gives the same performance).Save $10(even more with promo code)

    HDD: $65- Samsung Spinpoint 1TB ( its fast ). Save $25.

    GPU: Great one. But if you are comfortable with the idea of dual GPUs here's a suggestion :
    $500 (2X $250) : MSI Twin Frozr II 560Ti ( SLI performance )

    $560 (2X $280) : MSI twin Frozr II 6950 2GB( Crossfire Performance )

    SSD: If you are fine with the idea of single GPU. Then with the saved money you can consider a 128 GB SSD (like OCZ Agility 3 worth $215)
  4. I think I'm going to go with the i5-2500 and save the $100
    I agree with the Ram I am going to switch them. I also like the $25 on the HDD everything helps. I am going to look at a few other SSDs but I think your right that its a bit small. The only reason I though about going with that GPU is because it would be much easier to upgrade with it later on so it will last me a longer time.
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