Thinking about low end gaming computer...CPU?

I was thinking of eventually spending about 500$ on a custom gaming computer to sell. it would be fairly low end, but the bonus for what i'll be selling ti for is the fact that it would be in an heavily modded xbox 360 case, with plexi windows and leds for "flash". anyhow, it would be sold for around 550-600$ because of how it looks mostly, and the components hopefully will be abel to game some.

I was thinking about procesors though, i found one i thought to be almost perfect, a pentium g840, 2.8 ghz, 80$. also either a radeon 5570 or 5670, but first of all, would this game some? obviously not batlefield 3 on max settings or anything, but simpler games etc, and it is also a very custom build, hopefully some pc gamer with an xbox etc etc woudl liek it.

Anyway, would this particular pentium do the trick? or should i go find a cheap amd or something? and what would i sell it for? ill have to pay 100$ for the OS, thats a fifth of my budget, which is why i would need lower end parts. I mainly just want any thoughts or advice anyone has. oh, and i wouldnt be able tpo build it for quite a while, since i have no money as of now...
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  1. Yeah, it certainly should be able to handle basic gaming.
  2. You might want to visit walmart and the kiddie PC games and copy down the recommendations and base your builds to sell off that.

    If I built or bought your "Runt" system for basic gaming, it would be to run old games pre-1999 all the way back to those in which you have to config memory in DOS during install. Original Doom anyone?
  3. My vote goes for Llano. Check youtube for videos on Llano gaming performance -- Oh, and there's the option for hybrid Xfire!
  4. BTW, there are 10 kinds of people - those that understand binary and those that don't :D
  5. Go with a llano CPU like the A6 3650 or the A8 3850 depending on budget.

    AMD A6 3650 -

    ASRock A75 Mobo (Mini ITX for Xbox build) -

    8GB G.Skill DDR3 1866 Memory -

    WD Scorpio Black (Again for Xbox build) -

    Liteon DVD RW for Drive -

    For about $375 - Not sure what PSU you would use though so I left it out.
  6. well if a dual core i3 with 2oomhz more can game well the pentium shoudl right? and whats wrong with doom? i was going to use micro ATX for it, then use a pci-e riser to angle the card to fit more spaciously, and would that WD fit inside the part that houses the normal xbox hard drive? i would be using the normal dvd drive as well if i can. and @finnious, theere are 2 kinds of people, ones that know binary and ones that dont, whoich someone has as their sygnature, i think it was a moderator or someone, anyway, 10/01 is liek saying yes no or no yes, corect?
  7. Please put a pic up on here if you do it! it would look awesome! :)
  8. i will if i do end u building it, gotta save the 500 or so bucks though, thats the crappy part, i also hav eto save money fro things like drivers ED, my truck, christmas presents, i dotn have a real job atm, computer stuff will take a back seat for quite a while, and by then new things will have come out and i may have lost interest, anyhow, if i ever do build it, i would certainly post pics if i could figure out how to on these forums other than links etc. still i like to talk abotu this stuff so any ideas or thoughs are still appreciated!
  9. quicksilver98 said:
    Go with a llano CPU like the A6 3650 or the A8 3850 depending on budget.
    For about $375 - Not sure what PSU you would use though so I left it out.

    This would be a great build for you. Look at a Pico PSU-150-XT (About $45) with the external power brick if your case isn't medded for a standard PSU. 150 would be plenty of power for this build.
  10. yea it would be really cool to sell if i could save up the cash to start it off to begin with...
  11. I wouldnt waste my time with a crappy llano cpu
  12. iam2thecrowe said:
    I wouldnt waste my time with a crappy llano cpu

    Me too.
    They almost cost the same as a phenoms and performance is like the Athlons II(Propus).

    The only strong point is the Integrated gpus.
  13. well i was looking at pentium g840, which could be used for gaming and is only 80$
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