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Totally Broken? Asus M2V-TVM/8400GS

I installed a new Palit 8400GS into my mothers computer the other day because the onbaord graphics is having a hard time now days, But since i installed it i have no display.

I have removed the card, plugged VGA into onbard.
Installed card, plugged into onboard
Installed card, plugged into Card
Wiggled it round.

Its almost like the motherboard has forgottern how to display. I cant get into the BIOS to set Priorities, for the PCIe socket, And its no longer beeping for the system check. The weird thing is when i remove it it dosnt even revert back to the onboard VGA, again it just goes Black.

Process: Press power, Screen lights up "Entering power saving mode" Computer still running, no beeps, no display.

Any words of wisdom would be greatfull, Actually anything could help, She's without a computer.

CPU: Athlon 64 X2 2.4GHz
Ram: 1GB DDR2 <Brand not sure.
GPU: Palit 8400GS
PSU: 550W <Brand not sure.
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    You can try and remove the CMOS battery and unplug the puter for a minute. Then put the battery back in and fire it up. That should reset the BIOS settings completely.
  2. Finally, Its all up and running, it was just booting and crashing, got it past the crash stage installed drivers, hasn't failed since.
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