I am sorry my questions would sound dumb to you all pros.

Could anybody explain to me the following...

1. What is the difference between SATA and eSATA
2. What is the difference between SATA 7 pin, SATA right angle and SATA left angle connectors and where are they all used.
3. Why do we have SATA right and left angle - why not just have one single design.
4. Would a SATA 7 pin connector still fit into SATA right or left angle connectors.

Thanks in advance!!!
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    eSATA = external
    SATA is std 7pin, right angle and left angle connectors are for people with space restrictions where a straight connector does not fit. The connectors fit each other.
  2. Thanks rolli59
    Just to clarify more and make sure I understand that correctly, a 7 PIN SATA coonector would fit into any left or right angle SATA socket, right?
  3. Just as long as we are talking female and male connectors!
  4. Thanks a lot!! That clarifies everything!!!!
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