Need a good card for a gaming rig.

Hi, I am currently planning on building a new rig in the next few weeks and I need to get a card ordered. I have built my own PCs forever now, but I am embarrassed to admit I don't care much for hardware tech so I never stay up on it at all. I usually end up going with whatever PC Gamer suggests for a high end system :ouch: .

My budget tops out at $600 - $700. I dont want to do SLI or any overclocking. I play all kinds of games and usually flight sims are the ones that have the highest graphics requirements. I would also like something that is known to be fairly reliable if that is possible. I assume I can get whatever power supply I need so hopefully that wont come into the equation at all.

I was looking at a Radeon HD 5870. Good choice? Can I do better?

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  1. The 5870 is a good card, but last generation. I would stick with a 6000 series ATI card or 500 series Nvidia card. The ATI 6950 1GB or Nvidia GTX 560 Ti cards would give you equal to or better performance than a 5870. The GTX 570 is a great card if you can handle the $350 price tag.

    There are also the 6950 2GB cards that are well known as they can be flashed with the 6970 BIOS. They have a dual BIOS switch that lets you flip between them in case you run into issues. It's free performance, however, if you are not an overclocker you may not be interested.
  2. 5870 is still capable of doing a lot, it's the most muscle of all AMD single GPUs, but it's worse than 6000 series due to old architecuture, probably for around its price you can also find a 6950 1GB, which performs a bit better or if you go a little higher - GTX 560Ti, it runs head to head with it
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