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Last night my computer starting acting a little weird, slow, and sluggish. This was going on when I was trying to clear cache from Chrome.

I finally gave up and decided to just restart my computer.. nothing but Disk Read Error - ctrl-alt-delete to restart.

I couldn't even turn the computer off, and when I flipped the PSU off and back on, the CPU would start on its own. So I left the PSU unplugged and off over night.

This morning, the computer boots fine and I haven't noticed any sluggish performance. I was even able to delete that cache from Chrome.

However, I am worried about my computer failing again if I try to restart my computer.

Using SeaGate 1TB ST3100052AS with firmware CC3E. I ran diagnostics using SeaTools provided with the HD, and it passed SMART, Drive Self Test, and Generic Test. I haven't seen any indication of any of the tests I have ran that the HD is failing... but I am still worried.

I've already backed up any crucial data.
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  1. Run spyware and A/V sweeps also but your a wise man to have backed up your data!
  2. Have you run chkdsk /f from the command line? A corrupt uppercase file, MFT, or volume mipmap can cause serious slowness.
  3. chkdsk didn't give me any errors when i used it yesterday. I used the computer fine yesterday without any noticable problems.

    However, this morning (1 day later) i started getting the same "disk read error." After researching the error some more, nobody has been able to find a root cause for the problem.

    The one thing I noticed is when I power off my PSU then power it back on, the computer automatically turns on. So instead of doing anything drastic I re-wired everything, made sure nothing was lose with zip ties, if I had extra wires (IDE/SATA) I replaced them.

    Now my computer booted up fine without any issues. I'll try to keep this updated until I find the root cause or if more symptoms show up.
  4. A bad cable would absolutely cause that. That error comes up because of significant latency so maybe that was it. I'm surprised none of the tools found any problems something that serious was going on. Glad to hear it's working
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