What is best case for my build (gaming)?!?!

Hello everyone! I am not sure which case to get but at least something that can house two graphic cards, and can handle a Corsair H100 (Push-Pull) on the roof of the case with enough room for air to pass through.

Also, I am also looking for some good ventilation. (I will be overclocking : D)

This is my build:

((($120))) [[[STILL NOT SURE : /]]]

MONITOR------Viewsonic 24" Widescreen LED

((($850))) [[[CAN CHANGE]]]


CPU------Intel Core i5 3.3GHz


CPU FANS-----Cougar Vortex 120mm PWM
((($87.96))) [[[FOUR OF THEM]]]]

PSU------PC Power and Cooling Silencer 950W



COMBO WITH RAM------CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 X 4GB) DDR3 1600

CARD READER---------NZXT Sentry-2 Fan Controller

Make sure to give the opinion of what you believe is the best gaming case.

P.S: I like the Silverstone rv2. :love:
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  1. Hello Geeksire.

    If its a gaming case your after i personally recommend coolermaster's

    If money isn't a issue the i suggest the Elite 430 black:

    If on a budget then i suggest the Thermaltake VM20001W2Z Armor A60 Gaming Mid-Tower Case:

    Have a look on google you will find a shed loads :)
  2. why not the corsair 400r or 500r, designed specifically for the corsair H100
  3. Coolermaster HAF 932 or HAF X would be good
  4. Yes yes I know dirtyferret. I just wanted to see what others have to say about the cases out there : D
  5. I would like to actually get this one. The Silverstone rv02. Will this be perfect for my Push-Pull Corsair H100 (which is going to be in the roof of my case?)
  6. I am thinking of building in this case next. The Corsair Graphite Series 600T
  7. Geeksire said:
    I would like to actually get this one. The Silverstone rv02. Will this be perfect for my Push-Pull Corsair H100 (which is going to be in the roof of my case?)

    DEFINITELY not....the roof only has 1x120 fan hole

    id use one of these

    and replace those p.o.s. loud a$$ corsair fans with these

    good luck

  8. Thanks for the reply of the Silverstone rv02 *tear* (really liked that case.) I do like the others that you guys have posted: Corsair 600T, HAF X 932, and Cougar's case (which is somewhat good and bad with my taste.)

    Still looking into getting some better cases. If you think there are better cases around $100-$200. Please tell me because I really would want a case to be that awesome.
  9. i would highly recommend getting rid of that PC Power PSU. No Bueno! Building a high end rig like this needs a quality PSU from a quality company. Do some research on this before you face/palm. PSUs are nothing to skimp on.
  10. btw...the HAF X is amazing!!! My ATX board looks like a micro, and it has some of the best Cable Management and Air Flow out there right now. You wont be disappointed. the 932 is great for a lot less, with pretty much the same features. read about the features, but CoolerMaster has my heart when it comes to cases.
  11. I hear ya casualbuilder. I have heard a lot about them them, but still want to see other cases rather than Coolmaster. The HAF X 932 and Corsair 600T is on my list, but still want to hear about other cases : D
  12. As an aside, I have to say I have never built a rig in any of these cases.

    SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B-W Black Aluminum / Steel Computer Case
    --video reviewing the case:
    --So awesome! My personal favorite, but hard to justify the price.

    Antec DF-85 Black ATX Full Tower Computer Case
    --Cool Red LED's. Good airflow.

    Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Unbeatable Gaming Case
    --video reviewing the case:
    --Good airflow.

    Corsair Carbide Series 500R Black Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    --video reviewing the case:
    --New product, looks clean.

    All these cases have dust filters.
  13. Where can I get a computer that can do Push-Pull but in the roof of the computer case? I'm not really sure the Antec Twelve Hundred V3 can do that, but I am absolutely sure that the Antec DF-85 can.

    As for the Silverstone Fortress case now that one looks awesome, but I wish I can find a cheaper price and something that can have Push-Pull in the roof of the computer.
  14. Best answer
    Here is a link to 3DGameman's 100% Kickass Case Reviews...

    He does a good job of making every review similar to minimalize the variables when you watch and learn about each case. His 100% Kickass label means that it is just that.... 100% kick ass, and the best label he gives to a product. He's got a ton of videos and they are easy and fun to watch. Might help you find a good pen of great cases to sort through.

    I don't know much about Push/Pull at the top of a case. It seems to me in my newbish vision that you should be able to mount a fan to another fan to create that push/pull affect provided there is enough room in the case. I'm guessing you'd like that feature built in to the case already.

    As for the SilverStone Fortress, I've personally pretty much abandoned it for my current build I am planning, because it is expensive. But it has that super cool bottom to top airflow w/ the motherboard rotated to 90 degrees that really makes it unique.
  15. Awww man...I'm really not sure which to pick! Well it can either be these computer cases:

    HAF-X 932
    Antec DF-85
    Silverstone Raven rv02
    Corsair 600T (really not sure on this one that much : /)

    These are basically what I have found from all of the cases that I can find that are awesome. Which one should I pick everyone?
  16. the one that you think looks the best. cases are one of the few PC parts where looks matter.
  17. I would definately go with the Cooler Master HAF X. It has extreme cooling options and it could definately be classified as "the best gaming case at the moment." I am about to build and I am using this case and I am having 5 fans in it. It also has room for up to 3 water cooling units. My advice is do some research and watch YouTube video reviews of your components.
  18. Best answer selected by Geeksire.
  19. It seems I'll just stick with the HAF-X 932 then. Thanks for all your help guys!
  20. I built an Antec H20 620 into a push-pull config and get the near equivalent of the H20 920 in a Corsair 600T case. No problem with spacing, but I have the exhaust out the back and two 120 mm fans exhausting from the top along with the push pull 120 mm fans exhausting top rear.

    BTW, the PCP&C 950 unit, despite issues with ripple noise (which is still within ATX spec) is still a hell of a PSU. PCP&C disappointed many when they went from Seasonic to Sifra as manufacturer, but the overall build and specs still outclass most OEMs. The only better ones I see are Corsair, Seasonic and Antec. There may be others but, those seem to be the best rated by reviewers and, the big rip against the Silencer 950 was lower quality and the high price. With the PCP&C now going for $130 (Newegg after MIR) the PCP&C is a great value and has a 7 year warranty.
  21. For the Money I would go with the Cooler Master 932 Advanced Blue or Red HAF Case. It can do, house about any config. you can think of and a price in the range you're looking for. I have a Rig built with the 932 Advanced Blue Edition and I love it. Keeps all my hardware cool, easy to maintain and clean. Nothing in the 150.00 range can beat it!
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