256MB Nvidia GeForce 8600GT Need replacement

I have a Dell Inspiron Athlon 64 X2 5000+(2.60 GHz, 512Kx2); 300W and at +12V --> 18amps; 22inch E228WFPWide Aspect Digital Flat Panel. I need to replace my 256MB Nvidia GeForce 8600GT-DDR3; what is the best I can get and potentially run 2 monitors? I only run a few games but they were starting to die with the current card. I was looking at the Geforce GT 440 1MB but it wanted 22Amps at +12V and 300W!! I am not particular about the card; just want it to work.
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    something like an ati 5570 would suit that system well and doesnt require more than 300w (although ati reccommends 400w there is no way this card in most standard systems will draw more than 200w.),8.html
  2. I was going to say ATI 5570 or 5670 (at the most). Or a Nvidia GT 430.
  3. As the above posters said, buy a HD 5670 or HD 5570 ( 5670 would be better ). As iamthecrowe said, you would be fine with a 300 W PSU with the 18 amps on the +12V rail. If you are going to run games on 2 monitors, you should go for the HD 5670.
    Also you miss-pelt 440 GT 1'MB'
  4. All, thank you very much. I am going to go with the 5570....and after reading this site it sounds like one can build a system for a comparable price and I will go higher with that system including the 2 monitors!
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