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hey guys i have a core i7 920 with the stock Intel cooler which gives me idle temps of about 50-56..... i have not overclocked my sys and don't plan to OC it either. i use my PC mostly for gaming... do ull think i should replace the stock cooler?? and if yes which one should i go for?? prefer cooler master as i live in India and its easily available here... really appreciate your answers...
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  1. Hyper 212+

    but your temps look ok
  2. so my temps are normal at 50 - 55 at idle?? and should i go for the hyper 212+ or stick with the stock cooler??
  3. Idle temps look ok, but you may find they rise too much when you play games. You will have to find out :)

    I have an i7 860, with all cores and threads running 100% the temps would hit low 70s with the stock cooler, which is too much. So, I bought after-market cooler and now they run at low 50s (I live in Thailand, it's hot)

    As popatim suggest a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ has a good reputation.
  4. hmm k... ill go for a after-market cooler then.... i saw the hyper 212+ and also saw the v6gt by cooler master and loved the looks of the v6gt but i guess the if i get the v6gt ill be getting more then what i actually need wont i??
  5. If you don't plan to over-clock there's probably not too much point buying an after-market cooler at all. If you do decide on an after-market cooling, I wouldn't go for anything too fancy, something nice and effective, low profile, with very quiet operation would be my recommendation.

    I don't have much experience with the high end Intel CPU's such as the 920 (I use SandyBridge i5 personally), but your idle temps seem very high. NOT too high or enough to cause concern, but generally idle operating temps are around 30 degree's and rise to 60-70 when under load.

    Did your stock CPU cooler come with thermal paste?
    Are you using thermal paste?
    Did it come pre-applied or did you apply it yourself?
  6. I think the V6 probably will be a little much, but whatever takes your fancy.

    I have a Cooler Master V8, but that was a noob mistake. The only after market cooler I ever bought before was a tiny all copper thing. When I got the i7, I realised I needed a cooler so went looking on the Net and saw this V8. I got a shock when it arrived in a big box and it was BIG inside too. lol. Photos don't show the size and never thought to note the dimensions :}
  7. @adrian yea i had applied the thermal paste myself bt my comp is 2yrs old now..
  8. slash1717 said:
    @adrian yea i had applied the thermal paste myself bt my comp is 2yrs old now..

    Something like this I think would be a near "perfect" solution:

    Although a little "dated" this might be worth taking a look at too:
  9. @zootnerper i have the cm enforcer so fitting it in my case will be not problem...
  10. Keep in mind that its not worth shelling out a large amount of money for a cooler that wont be used to its full effect, or even half.

    Stock coolers are designed for stock clocks and so should be perfectly fine. Following a desire for slightly lower temps should result in a well priced upgrade meeting your specification. Something like the V8 is just over-kill on your wallet, and on your build. You wont see the benefits using stock clock speeds.
  11. Oh yes, V8 would be too much and is for me, but I didn't know that then :) I didn't know a heat sink could be so large!

    I don't know where you live in India, but it could be quiet warm weather wise. My ambient room temp is 32-35C, so idle temps of are 42-45C, full load is low 50s with my too large cooler.

    But depends too if your games tax the CPU much.
  12. thanx a lot for the replies guys..... i think ill go for the hyper 212+.... that vll be good enough for my cpu at stock clock speed right??
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    Hyper 212+ will easily be good enough for stock speeds. Its designed for pretty heavy over-clocks.

    Make sure you case is big enough to fit it in as well. With side fans especially there's very little room usually. The 212+ is 16cm tall, a case size of 18-19cm wide is recommended, with 22-23cm wide if you wish to use side fans as well.
  14. yea i have the cm enforcer case so it should easily fit in that.. thanx a lot for your advice appreciate it...
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  16. There's a new version of the 212+ just release in the last day or so.

    Its called the Hyper 212 EVO. Costs about $5 more and has apparently better fan, and better heat-sink base with more contact points.,news-36555.html
  17. yea i saw that 2day and also saw the review of it .....the temp difference is just one degree compared to 212+... but if that is available here ill go for that...
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