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Hello everyone,

Few days ago my computer started to freeze on me while playing videos over youtube. First thing I did was ran memtest and found out one of my 2gb sticks was bad-Awesome-good-great-wait-Still freezes. I've ran some things to try and diagnose the piece of hardware, 3dmark vantage had said my graphics card was running at far lower specs than it's rated at, and so now I can watch only full screen videos on youtube at 240p, While fullscreening anything else, it freezes, in addition: Already downloaded video does not cause any problems as of yet, Graphics card? Power supply?

How can I further investigate the issue
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  1. You can download GPU-Z to verify your card specs and also check the temps to make sure something out of the ordinary isn't going on.
  2. This happening only in YouTube, not games or movies or anything else? If that's the case, not video card issue. How about other sites that use flash? MSN video, try Hulu (although not sure if Hulu uses flash or silverlight).
  3. The GPU-z program confirmed that my specs are working as advertised.

    Well last night the problem just stopped--Was watching netflix HD and youtube HD fine. In the only game I play, It says I'm getting 40+ FPS, yet the walls and buildings take minutes to load when moving in the freeworld (much longer than they used to)

    I'm getting slightly less freezing today but it's still persisting. (freezes on games, youtube, and movies over netflix, just not frequently anymore)

    I tried hulu-it froze, but I believe it uses flash. Either way--Netflix uses silverlight and it froze also though..Thanks a lot for pitching in some ideas.

    For the record--My 8800gt stopped working about a year ago-EVGA replaced it with this 260 so It is a refurbed..whether or not that makes a difference.

    (Luckily google saved this message, but after refreshing this screen, my computer froze, so it's not ONLY for videos-but predominantly)
  4. When you say freeze, does the whole PC lock up or only the video (you can kill the task and continue working, or is mouse/keyboard not responsive?) You may want to re-install the OS, unless you want to mess around with hardware troubleshooting first.

    New Windows installation would rule out software, then you can check maybe more RAM issues, or a spare video card to try (or maybe move the video card to another PC to test there).
  5. **I've been very busy lately, thanks for putting up with the slow replies**
    The WHOLE PC locks up, cursor, everything.

    I think I'll take your advice, reinstalling the OS (lots of work but god knows I love the speed after a fresh install), if that doesn't work I'll try and find some friends that play PC games and has a video card...but of course most ppl I know play consoles!
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