Ram causing crashes or Mobo

About a week ago while playing skyrim the computer crashed, and the dram light was solid(mem ok). Restarted and all was fine for awhile then it did it again. Downloaded memtest came back with about a billion errors. So went stick by stick module by module, and came back with no errors. Checked drivers all seemed good, and uninstalled graphics card and reinstalled with up to date drivers. Now the cpu has a bent pin. i heard that could cause it but that happend like 7months ago and didnt start acting up till now? Also bought a new stick of ram and now change. Could it be the mobo? not sure what im missing. Also psu was replaced 4months ago.

thanks for any help
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  1. Yes it can be a bad memory channel on the board, then again the memory controller is on the CPU! If you have a 4 ram slot board try the ram again in single channel, that is the same channel you tested it in.
  2. i have put the new stick in all four one at a time and still happends
  3. So you have 4 slots, your original ram tested bad with both in but good individually! The new stick is bad all around? New stick might be bad, what about the old that tested good individually?
  4. all test good individual. new stick is good in all four slots(according to memtest) but when put to use it crashes. sorry if i wasnt clear about that
  5. Then it is down to your motherboard or CPU most likely the board since I am presuming you straightened the pin.
  6. nope i couldnt was in a "z" shape and was worried about it breaking off. and since it worked the last few months i counted my self lucky
  7. So how did it fit in the socket, maybe something burned if there was a partial contact.
  8. dunno how it did but it closed. might have burned. if not on cpu might be in mobo?
  9. Yes it is either.
  10. or both /sigh was hoping that wasnt the either. thanks for the help
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