Built new computer but wont turn on fully

i built assembled a computer for the first time today. when everything was connected i plugged in the power supply and hit the front switch to turn it on. the only thing that happened was that the cpu fan turned maybe a quarter of a rotation before it stopped. read the sticky and different threads to see what the problem was but nothing seemed to be wrong after following the directions on the sticky. A different thread suggested that there was a hardware failure somewhere but in that case all of the fans in question turned. Thanks

cpu: intel i7 2600k
2x4 gb of ram
psu: thermaltake toughpower xt 775w
mb:asrock p67 extreme4 (b3) p67 r
hd: 500 gb western digital wd5002aalx
gpu: evga 570 gtx
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    Could be a million things honestly. The best plan of action is to eliminate as many variables as possible. Try just hooking up the PSU, mobo, CPU, and one stick of memory. Remove everything else and see if you get a beep code. If not, you may have to remove your mobo completely from the case to eliminate the possibility that it is shorting on the case itself (this is called breadboarding). I assume you installed your standoffs in your case right???
  2. yeah put stand offs in and i tried that thing with the ram. i checked all of the connections to make sure that i did not do anything stupid like pci in the 12v atx slot. for this bread boarding do i remove all of the parts from the case and turn it on or just the motherboard?
  3. figured it out. i plugged my case fans into both the motherboard and the power supply. computer now boots but with video signal. my video card has two dvi plug ins and a mini hdmi port and so requires adapters for both in order to plug in either vga or full hdmi. would this affect the vidoe output at all? ill try re seating the video card for now as i can tell it at least has power as its fan is running. thanks for the help
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