Powercolor Radeon HD 5670 not detecting

Hello, I just got a Powercolor HD 5670 video card, but I can not get it to be detected. Its working because the graphic card fan runs when I have the computer turned on. The computer just keeps on detecting the HD radeon 4200 integrated graphics I have. I keep on trying to install the 5670 driver to bypass, but because Catalyst does not detect it, it always installs the 4200 drivers. I have no option to disable the integrated graphics in the bios, but I do have it setup to run the PCIe slot graphics first. I am pretty much out of ideas at this point to try and get it to detect. I have a N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX motherboard. Thanks.
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  1. Update: Well I was never able to get it to work, so I decided just to stick with the integrated graphics. From my research online, I suspect that the best possibility is that the video card was not compatible with the motherboard.
  2. wow - never heard of that before - there should be a way to disable the integrated graphics if the motherboard has a pcie slot.
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