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Asrock z68 extreme3 gen3: Sandy Bridge

I've read that this motherboard has problems with the Ivy bridge cpus

Does it work better with Sandy bridge? (i5 2500k)

So I know if it's worth buying :)

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  1. Not according to the reviews here
    All the IB CPU's are on the CPU support list so I am surprised
  2. That motherboard is better with i5-2500K but will work with ivy i had that motherboard but i gave it to my cousin one thing i didn't like about it is Thinner than standard ATX – lacks case mounting down far side but other than that it's a rock solid motherboard + Overclocking is easy and effective+ Brilliant value for money
  3. I have this motherboard and although I cannot provide any help with the OP's question I agree with bigcyco1. It does state to be compatible with Ivy Bridge CPU, how compatible I don't know. I heard that at most Ivy Bridge will be 15% more energy/heat efficient without very much difference in processing power... though I could be wrong.
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    Just to be more clear, i never try the board with ivy i was told it would work fine with it i used i5-2500K and my cousin is using i7-2600K we had no issues other then what i mentioned basically the only negative thing i have to say about motherboard is that it slips outside of typical ATX specifications. It’s 3cm thinner than a standard ATX motherboard and as a result may lack secure mounting on the far side since this isn’t a common size, but other than that it's a solid board and very good.
  5. I will use the i5 2500k just wanted to know if it works good with Sandybridge :)
  6. Yes it does
  7. ok great! :)

    Thanks for the replies!
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  9. Bofink said:
    ok great! :)

    Thanks for the replies!
    No problem your very welcome! ;)
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