Can't remove GPU.

Hi guys, I'm having some problems when trying to remove an Nvidia GPU from a desktop in order to install it on another one. The first time I just removed the GPU from the PCI port and then plugged the monitor in the motherboards VGA port, thinking that the native graphics chip that the MOBO allegedly must have was going to do the work, but when powering the system on I get a display error and the monitor starts showing some weird color bars. Then, I placed the GPU on the PCI port again, connected the monitor to the GPUs VGA port, started up the system, got into the BIOS and I tried to look for the graphics configuration options to see if the GPU was set as master and then change it in order to remove it and leave the native GPU as the new default option, but I couldn't find any graphics configuration in the BIOS so I just reseted the BIOS configuration to original to see if I could now use the native gpu but I got the same error. Any ideas? Thanks and sorry for my noobishness :D
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    You can always try to remove the CMOS battery, unplug the PC for a minute, then pop the battery back in and fire it up. I've had weird situations that no matter what I did to reset the BIOS to default it wouldn't pick up a change. Do that with the video card removed.
  2. Thanks man! that did the trick. :D
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  4. Awesome sauce.
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