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Need advice on new motherboard and memory combo

I'm planing on buying a new mother board and memory to up my computers gaming efficiency.

The parts I'm looking at are:
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB, 240-Pin DDR3, 1866)

What I'm wondering is if this is a good choice to get and if there are compatible with my current parts that I i have for my computer:
AMD Phenom II X4
APEVIA ATX-CW500WP4 500W ATX Power Supply
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  1. Just upgrading your motherboard and ram is not sufficient for performance increase. It is still the CPU and GPU giving you the same performance. The best performance increase you get is just upgrading your GPU and that substandard PSU of yours.
    List all your specs and we can better recommend.
  2. well i'm really only looking for a motherboard to get better RAM since some of my games crash and freeze, considering I only have 3 gb of RAM.

    Current motherboard: M2N68-LA (Narra5)

    I am using a HP s5510y i moved to a bigger tower, switched out the processor and put in my current video card
  3. Crash and freezing can as well be caused by the PSU (Apeive are a known low quality). Upgrading from that board is understandable, the Sabertooth is a great board but you will get the same performance from any 970chipset board and it will leave you money to upgrade your PSU as well to a quality unit. On the ram just go with 1600MHz since 1866MHz is not worth the more price.
  4. So do you have any suggestions to what parts i should get?

    I'm relatively new at this so i think i need all the help i can get.
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  6. Well i'll take your advice, one more thing though. With the mother boards that don't have a VGA or HDMI like these two, does it automatically recognize the GPU and run the video through that at first or do i need something else to connect it to my monitor?
  7. Should work directly with your GTX550.
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