Seasonic X650 Gold - A worthy upgrade @ $110?
I've had my eye on this one for a while because of stellar reviews but its price up until now has been a bit high. I'm currently using a Raidmax RX-700AC, which has served me well enough since I first built about a year and a half ago, but sometimes is on the noisy side and creates a lot of cable clutter which this modular unit would solve. Of course, the efficiency boost is a big factor as well. So, should I grab this deal? Wait for a better price later in the year maybe? Or is it just not worth it at all?
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  1. Yes! It's beyond an worthy upgrade. It's a delicious, must have, ultra needed, and (insert compliments and adjectives/synonyms of want here) psu.

    I'd grab it in a heartbeat!
  2. Wow, that's enthusiastic! Anyone else want to weigh in on this? If not, I think I'll go for it.
  3. Excellent PSU for a rig that has a single high power GPU and multi peripherals (HDDs, SSDs, Sound card, etc.). But, if you intend to Xfire SLI, watch the power reqs.
  4. Those are great PSUs. I have the X750 and really like it. Mine is plagued with a high frequency coil whine, however I don't think that is entirely the fault of the PSU (likely a PSU/MB interaction). Regardless, I would still recommend it as long as you don't rely on the PSU fan for proper venting of your case. The fan on that PSU only runs at high loads, so it makes a great bottom mounted PSU. My other favorite is the old Corsir HX650, however it is only a bronze level (efficiency) PSU.
  5. seasonic is like one of the best psu maker out there , if you reading all of their psus review 90% of them are must have psu, but only downside is the cost of their psu but i think it worth getting though
  6. Bought! I don't plan to use multiple graphics cards, and my case is bottom mounted, so I should be fine. I'll give my impressions once I install it. Thanks!
  7. I received it yesterday, and installation went smoothly (except for the part where I didn't realize the pci-e cable was 12-pin at one end; my old psu had it as 6-pin on both ends). It's now silently powering my pc, so silently that my gpu fan is far louder than it (it's a radeon 5770, which only gets loud at all during heavy load). I'm definitely happy so far.
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