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hey there guys i need to know whats the best graphics card i can get for my t1842 emachines pci slot i got a geforce fx 550 but i feel i need something with more bang for my buck any one have anysuggestions i got a 1.80ghz intel celeron processor but i want to have a great graphics card to handle my gameing and multimedia please get back to me asp on this
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  1. 1.8GHz Celeron=gaming badness, no matter what graphics card you have.
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    Yeah, no video card is going to make your machine "great" or even what I would call "ok" for gaming on that CPU. You can do better than the FX 5500 but you should really just save up to replace your motherboard/cpu/ram before considering a card. It doesn't have to be very expensive.
    The processor is actually a quad core with two cores locked. There's an over 80% chance you can unlock them in the motherboard's BIOS and it will work fine.
  3. +1 to that. upgrade the cpu to a faster core2 duo if you cant afford to get new motherboard and everything.

    edit: lol, woah a minute there...fx 550 lol. i was thinking gts550. HAHAHah. Go get a whole new computer, upgrades are out of the question. Even new onboard video will be much better than a fx 550
  4. I really doubt he can use a core 2 duo on his current motherboard. That is a Pentium 4 era Celeron.
  5. Agreed. Building a new system would be faster and cheaper than trying to upgrade.
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  7. thanks guys for your help, but the deal with the mother board is of.f i was away on a trip, any suggestions on a new motherboard build that can handle 3 to 4 ghz system and a ass kicking. ati or nvidia card for my system..something that wouldn't sound like world war 2 or look like it if i over amp it and blow my self up your input and suggestions will be much appretiated at this point. im a hardcore gamer..but i have a small busniess on the side...but i still sneak some popcorn in on breaks/movies
  8. You just selected a best answer, so likely the thread will be closed soon. I suggest you start a new one, list you budget, game/apps you would like to run on the new system, and what resolution/settings you want to play at.
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