Psu enough?

hi,im building a gaming mini itx system.the spec are the following:
mobo:asus m4a88t-i deluxe
cpu:phenom x6 1090t BE
gpu:radeon hd 5850 Xtreme
hdd:500gb + SSD 120gb
dvdrw slim
ram 4gb

im planning to use the SG05-300 watt psu as my casing,because i've waited 2 weeks for SG05-450 watt psu but still no question is,is it worth to wait for sg05-450 for mybe 2 weeks more,or sg05-300 is enough.(planning to do some minor OC just to experiment with my rig)
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  1. i actually don't think 450w is enough, the 5850 chews up at least 150w and your cpu, is AMD hexa core, another 150w onto your PSU. have you bought your stuff yet? becuase if you have a look at intel's sandybridge core i5 range they only use 95w. and your mobo is AM3, right now you should be looking at am3+ (if you can get Am3+ mobos that are small enough). and if you are gamming, then the "new" intel sandybridge cpus own all AMD cpus
    and when you are gamming, you only use 2 cores (for most games),2833.html,2859.html
    have a read through those above CPUs and you'll see what i mean
  2. gamming mainly concern about the GPU.i think my 5850 Xtreme will do fine running crysis or call of duty even at very high setting. :) so the reason i use phenom is to save some budget.
    still i need to use cpu than can catch up with the gpu.phenom x6 1090t beat the 1st generation i7 like i7 930 and some other,which is really good.and price over perfomance,phenom wins.phenom six core price is just 180usd at newegg,almost same price as i52400.and mostly the 2nd gen intel cpu will burn a big hole in my pocket.
    about the core,its not hurt to have extra core,as long the price not crazy high like the i7 2nd not just gamming,i do pic editing as well so the extra core will come handy somehow. :)
  3. yeah i see, but having this hexa core does chew up an extra 50w (to 2nd gen core i5) i personally recommend the corsair CX-500 @ nice unit for its price and should be able to take your 5850, don't know how the price adds up. but there is no point in getting a cheap PSU that fails on you

    side note, your PSU is by silver stone right? i wouldn't trust it
  4. hexa core (150 watt) + gpu(150 watt) =300 watt.still have extra 150 watt just for hdd and fan.still not enough?
  5. all these ATX power suply,will they fit to mini itx case?
  6. i also thought this when i started building computers, trust me it doesn't work out the way you expect... IDK why but i just except it
  7. also what are the dimensions of your case?
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