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How To Select The Best Ram Timing and Voltage?

I have searched for hours with no definitive answers.

What I would like is an expert to explain how to select the best ram configuration
(timing, voltage, and speed) for your specific processor and mobo.

What do i look at spec wise to make these determinations?

Why? Not just opinion but real, concrete justifications.

Specifically address timing and voltage as it relates to performance, benefits, and drawbacks, especially when paired to specific processors and mobos.

Thank you all in advance. I really want to learn this and not just take a recommendation from a random stranger every time i need to select ram.

Thanks Again.
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  1. Wow. No one has any idea? Folks give their opinion on ram timing etc all of the time but no one can justify these claims? If anyone understands this please reply. thank you, Louis
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    OK, its different for different RAM types.

    Watch this to see ....

  3. great video, but what i am still unclear with is how do i select these timings before i even purchase it? or do i just get the fastest possible?
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  5. Good luck!
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