What is wrong with my computer?

One day i went to power up, but nothing happened. No POST beeps, no visuals on monitor, but the fans were spinning and the lights were on. Also, the CPU led was red. I tried resetting CMOS but it didn't work. I ended up rma'ing because no trouble shooting worked.

I got it back today and it was good for about 5 boot ups. Everything worked fine in Windows 7. The last time i think i updated bios, then i had to restart and the same problem came up again.

What should i do? What do you think is the problem?

Specs: M5a99x evo asus mobo, gtx 560, cooler master 850watt, phenom x4, 160gb WD, 8gb 1600mhz, sony writer.

Any help/questions/comments would be appreciated!
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  1. I presume this was a pre-built? I wonder if anyone thought to change the CMOS battery?
    Anyway... If it worked OK until you updated the BIOS, maybe you are updating to the wrong BIOS. Can you roll it back to the original?
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