Bay devise with USB 3.0

Hi guys. I would like to find a reliable bay devise that is USB 3.0 that can also be used to store an SSD. I'm modifying a current system and the mb does not support SATA 6. I'm going to try the PCI-E connection for this project. Thanks in advance.
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  1. That's the one I like and want, the Asrock one. Where can I get it ? I google it but it never came up. I saw it first on an ad for the Extreme 4 mb.
  2. Are you UK or US based?,
    Click the 'where to buy' tab on that pages link and select where you are,
    newegg came up on the US one which was who I was going to recommend for US purchasers,
  3. I'm in the U.S. and I just followed your advise. I had no luck with the U.S. etailers. There's always the possibility that this is a new items and it hasn't reached our shores yet. I will follow up on it. If anyone see it please send me a link. Thanks to all.
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