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Been looking for a sound card that I can game, record music (whether it be my own or songs that bands produced). I was thinking of buying a Creative E-MU1212m card but read of the issues it has with getting it installed. (Not sure if this card will work with Win7).Once installed I read its a quality card. But not sure if I would need a direct in box to raise the sound level for the guitar?

I am wondering what other sound cards are out there that are good and installation trouble free and one that doesnt give problems with gaming?
Any recommendations?
Also dont want to use head phones for gaming.
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  1. ASUS, Auzentech, and HT Omega all have competitive offerings. In theory, any card with a dedicated Line Input port should suffice. The HT Omega Striker would be a good option if you can find one.
  2. I think newegg has the HT Omega Striker.|%20OMEGA%20STRIKER%207.1%20Channels%20PCI%20Interface%20Sound%20Card

    But not sure if its a 1/4 jack for all those inputs? Do you know if they are? I was looking for the details section on new egg but nothing is mentioned. That I saw anyway.
    Also wanted to mention that I will be running a sub with Left and Right M-Audio BX5a speakers. Im not set up for 7.1 or even 5.1 would this card work with just 2 channel and a sub?
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