Seasonic X650 vs PCP&C 650 MKII

I am planning to make a new build (whenever bulldozer is released) so I have been looking for parts recently.
I noticed two power supplies that seem like they are more than enough for my planned build, this is the MK II which seems like a good deal before the rebate and great afterwords ($70-$20MIR=$50) and this this is the X650 which is a great deal($110).

Modular makes no difference to me and I have read both the hardwaresecrets reviews for both (MK II has ripple problems on the -12v, will this be a major concern as I do have a soundcard). I was just wondering if the price difference between the two would make one a better buy than the other. Also has anyone had good or bad experiences with either company and what about rebates from PCP&C.
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    PC P&C is now owned by OCZ, they bought it about 2 years ago.

    You are getting a big difference in PSUs there. Seasonic is the leading manufacturer of quality PSUs. They make many of the PSUs sold by Antec and Corsair, as well as their own. They have not made a bad or inferior PSU in a long time.

    The PC P&C MKII is made by Sirfa/Highpower. It's an adequate unit for a lower budget. It's the same OEM that has made many successful cheap PSUs for OCZ.

    The Seasonic will be much quieter. In fact the fan will likely never come on unless you have a very big video card or two GPUs, or you live somewhere hot. Modular cables do more than keep builds uncluttered. They are also easy to replace should a connector go bad. This happens and most people have to buy a new PSU while they wait for an RMA.
  2. ^ +1 Proximon

    As said, Seasonic is the leading manufacturer of quality PSUs. This being said, i will re-affirm Proximon by saying, if you can afford the Seasonic, GET THE SEASONIC! You wont be disappointed.
  3. All know brand Seasonic is very good but Price compare silencer mkII are $60, it's too much, I would go silencer 650W MKII .
    See review get silver maybe golden Award from hardwaresecreet :
  4. wouldn't a cheapy 750 bronze be better then a 650 silver/gold?

    like this one:

    NOTE! i havent checked reviews, so dont buy it on my opinion alone
  5. ocz 550w for 80?! thats terrible price for an ocz, i dont trust em, and i have a antec 500D green in my pc, granted it doesnt take much more then 200-300 watts max load but still :D
  6. ocz and corsair get their units from the same OEM, they are reliable. Anyways, preference is just that, which is why i gave many options. Sorry if i offended anybody.
  7. casualbuilder said:
    ocz and corsair get their units from the same OEM, they are reliable.

    Completely false. Read my post, I covered this. OCZ does not use Seasonic and never has. PC P&C sells Sirfas now.
    Corsair uses Seasonic and Channel Well Tech.
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  9. Thanks for the help, I am going to get the x650
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