Help, My computer won't recognise my hdd!

Yesterday I built my first ever computer, I installed my os on my 60gb ocz agilty 3 and I installed my drivers for my various devices. However there is a problem, when i go into 'my computer' It only shows my ssd and my dvd drive. I have connected my hdd (1tb spinpoint f3) to my motherboard and to my psu. When I was in the process of installing windows it gave me an option to install it onto my 1TB Hard Drive so I don't know if it's a problem with my hdd or not.

The rest of my build is:
i5 2500k
hyper 212 plus
gtx 570 (reference design)
CM storm enforcer
Msi p67A-GD65
1TB samsung spinpoint F3
60GB ocz agility 3
Xfx pro edition 850w semi modular psu
8GB corsair vengeance RAM

Thanks in Advance,
Robbie :??:
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  1. Doi you see the HDD in the BIOS setup upon boot? If you don't see the HDD there then you probably have a hardware probllem. If you see the HDD in the BIOS setup and not in Windows you probably have to partition and/or format the drive.
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