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I have got TP link adsl router that I want to use for local area connection (networking with two computers). I do not have got phone lines instead I have cable internet and I can use it in one computer only. I connect the RJ45 wire into lan card of pc and use it in one. But now I want the same connection to be used in two computers.
Can I use adsl router for it. I am thinking of pluging the cable with internet connection into adsl router. Then I will take two cables and use it in two different pcs. Will it work sharing the internet connection?
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  1. Givewings,
    There is no problem at all. Routers are basically Routers, and nothing else! I have myself something very similar to your situation, and it does work.

    Look, this is what you need to do:
    1) Discover you default IP Address provided by your cable modem;
    2) IF the provided IP address is your public address, it means that your modem is working in bridge mode;
    3) IF the provided IP address is something like; or anyhting that looks like this, it means that your cable modem is configured as ROUTER.
    4) IF THATS THE CASE, choose either your cable modem OR your TPLink Router and DISABLE the DHCP Server. Leave only ONE as your DHCP Server.
    5) Connect your cable modem into one of the TPLink router ethernet port (anyone).
    6) Plug your other computers into the Router or use your wifi.


    Remember, most connections problems are related to DHCP Servers that were wrong configured. So long you have same IP class, netmask, DNS and Gateway, it will work. No matter what!

    Try to do this and post something if it doesnt. But it will work.


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