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I bought a new case and moved my components to the new case. I was careful in my installation process and the computer turned on fine after I finished.

I didn't have the PC on for long and then I performed some cable management.

After that, I played a game for a couple of hours and I got a BSOD. I forget the error code, but we'll come back to that.

After restarting the PC, the PC fans would be on but there would be no display. I restarted again and the same problem continued to happen.

The PC would occasionally boot, but then it would BSOD. I suffered a BSOD every 2 minutes from booting.

I took the PC to a computer shop and they claimed they had the PC running for 1.5 hours with a burn-in test. So I get my PC back but the same problem would occur, with the PC turning on but nothing on the display and the keyboard not lighting up, and occasionally booting but suffering from BSOD's.

The BSOD's were various errors; too many to name actually.

System Service Exception 0x3B,
0xFC attempt was made to execute to non-executable memeory,
IRQL no equal or less 0x0A,
Illegal DMT something something 0xE6...

The event viewer showed problems with the Microsoft Security Client and before every BSOD event viewer would show the error 'Audit events have been dropped by the transport.0.

Those are just a few.

I have used a different graphics card but that didn't fix the problem, I removed a RAM stick and put them in different slots (one at a time) and that didn't fix the problem.

Unfortunately I don't have many spare parts to troubleshoot.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone can help me.
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  1. Run memtest to test the ram. If you can get it on, check the heat of the CPU and GPU. Go into the bios and make sure the values are correct. (Vcore, ram timings, etc.)
  2. If you have paid someone to fix it, take it back to them.
  3. At the moment I am unable to test the RAM because although the PC turns on, it doesn't turn on. The display stays blank, no BIOS screen, no boot, no nothing. But if I can get it to boot I will run memtest86+.

    When I had the PC working I had checked the temps using AMD Overdrive, and the CPU was running at a cool 24 degrees while the GPU was running at its typical 50 degrees, which has always been the case.

    The specs on my system are

    AMD Phenom II 955BE @ stock
    OCZ Vertex II 60GB SSD
    1TB Samsung F3 HDD
    1TB WD Green HDD
    HD Radeon 6870 1GB
    GA 870A-UD3 rev. 2
    OCZ Gold DDR3 RAM
    Corsair 650W PSU
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