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I am currently running a GTX 285 the system is an I7 920 2.67, p6t deluxe mb,6gb gskill 1600 ram, wd 640 gb hd, corsair 1000x psu, HAF 922 case with an aftermarket air cpu cooler can't remember the name but it was the best at the time and Vista 64 Bit. I play WOW on a 26" Samsung 1920x1200 res. I am wanting to upgrade to a better GPU i have some lag issues I'm wondering if its from my GPU. Would you guys recommend the GTX 5xx or the 6970 I run dual screens but play on 1 the other is for monitoring my temps, vent and running packet tests when lag hits. Budget is prob $400.00 US but is not set in stone, i would love to turn up the graphics but currently it gets to laggy, I was also wondering about oc of the cpu too. Thanks
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  1. Oh, you're in for a treat!

    For 250$, you can get the HD 6950. It's about twice as powerful as your current card.

    For 500$, you can have four times the performance with another HD 6950.

    I DO NOT recommend getting a GTX 570 or GTX 580 card as they are a bad value, especially the latter.
  2. WOW really! I had no idea my bleeding edge system (at the time) was so an equated. LOL I had read somewhere that wow didn't like crossfire? Thats why I was leaning toward a single card I originally built this system for 2 gpu's. Now decide 2 6950's or a single 6970. There are a bunch of 6950's do you have any suggestions I play crysis also
  3. You don't know what you just said, man.

    But it's okay, I'm not angry :D

    You see, an HD 6950 can be UNLOCKED into a full-fledged HD 6970.

    So, when you buy HD 6950 Crossfire.. you're actually getting HD 6970 Crossfire!

    Which, as we all know, is more powerful than a true-to-life HD 6990 which costs 750$.

    How's that for improvement?
  4. Ok sorry I am totally out of the loop on new tech I will do more reading thanks. I will order the cards today, I'm sure there is a guide to unlock the cores on this site
  5. Go to They're the ones who figured it out.

    Oh and.. enjoy!

    BTW, I'd overclock that CPU if I were you.

    Oh, and I'd get Windows 7 64-bit - WELLL worth it!
  6. Are there any preferences as far as brand name to get? My 285 is a XFX but I'm not married to them
  7. No.

    But, provided you have the space inside your case, getting a card with a better stock cooler would be way awesome for overclocking.
  8. well i have a coolermaster HAF so the case is plenty. I asume the main brands Asus Sapphire XFX would be the ones to get
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