Will this rig work?

Hey! I recently made a post about a pre-built gaming rig with a few custom specs (so it kinda falls under both categories. kinda.) I've made a few changes, and here's what I have now:


And then there's the graphics card. I have found 3 of the same card for different prices, and I'm unaware of the differences in Cache/stuff like that, so I need help. Which of these graphics cards is the best buy?


And then, after a while of ownership, probably 6 months or so, I plan on getting a new processor, most likely one of these two:


So, the biggest question is, will all of this stuff work together? Will I be able to install the video card/processor and the computer will accept it and run well with them installed? Also, will the monitor and speakers work with the PC? I really need to know before I buy, because I'm not very experienced with computers at all.
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