New build, HAF-X, have parts but need help with installation

hi folks

I've always had OEM desktops but have managed to keep these performing well with various upgrades in hardware that I have installed myself (RAM, GPU, PSU etc) but never installed new mobo, cpu, HDD into a new case due to the proprietary constraints on my Dell systems (I know, dont swear at me lol)

I've taken the plunge and now have what I believe to be the minimum hardware for a new build to be put together and powered up and have OS installed but to say I'm a little lost is an understatement - of course I have all the documentation and access to internet but I'm really wary of where to start. if I can get some help here I will be very grateful as at present I feel like a small animal staring at the headlights of fast approaching car lol

hardware I have should get me a nice system, a significant improvement on my CPU limited (Q6600 not easily overclocked) Dell XPS 420 system, in general the OC'ing is not possible with this Dell system - and if it were the CPU would struggle to cope with the temp as not many (if any) options other than stock CPU cooler.

here's the parts for the build, all ordered and arrived within last 7 days (from UK, ebuyer):

HAF-X case
Cooler Master GX 750W PSU (already installed, yay! 1 part down)
Asrock Z68 Extreme4 motherboard
Intel i5 2500K
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Processor Cooler
8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill DDR3 1600MHz
Hitachi 2TB 3.5" Deskstar Coolspin SATA-III 6GB/s Hard Drive
Sony DRU-880S 24x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA

the cpu has intel HD 3000 onboard graphics but I also have a redundant ATi HD 4870 512MB and also 1 x Nvidia GTX 460 SOC (Gigagbyte) currently in the Dell XPS 420 - the onboard with the i5 2500K should be OK to get her started, if necessary I can put either GPU in her until I have the money to get the GTX 560 / 560ti I really want.

my trouble is as above, i literally don't know where to start - other than putting CPU in mobo and possibly attach the CPU cooler (either stock cooler or the Cooler Master Hyper 212) before I fix the mobo to the case. I'm not 100% sure about this though

All help advice and appreciated, I have do have camera on my smart phone so can post photos after each successful stage (or of problems I encounter along the way)

Can anyone assist me?

Many thanks
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  1. blimey that was quick - toms hardware rocks! as do you r0aringdrag0n
  2. awesome thanks again, the videos are 1st rate

    learnt a lot, very similar components and should be able to crack on now - the boxing is on in a few hours so I'll start over tomorrow

    dare say i may have some questions as I go through the build - either way i shall report back to let you know how i'm getting on

  3. hi again

    i've managed to fit cpu and cooler master cpu cooler / fan to mobo,

    got opticical drive in bay and HDD in bay

    RAM installed

    little bit concerned that i can only see 2 mounting bolts on the case for this motherboard whilst the board used in the vid is similar (P8P67 deluxe), I'm using Z68, here's a pic, am i missing something as going by the newegg video i was looking for 9/10 of these mounting bolts

    am i missing a little bag of bolts for this ?

    thanks for any help


    edit - no prob just found the bag with these bolts in

    i can see me getting a bit stuck around the plugging in of the front panel wires to the mobo and im vary wary - has anyone installed a Z68 into the HAF-X and hooked up all the front panel i/o OK? cheers again

    time for a bacon butty and cup of tea me thinks

  4. latest updates, mobo all fitted to case nicely...

    now to try and get it all connected up

    i presume i want the exhaust fan at rear hooked up directly to PSU so it's always on?

    that leaves me 3 intake fans which i need to hook to the motherboard, right? 9 (i dont have a seperate fan controller - and the HAf-X case front panel has just case fan LED on/off button. if i hook the 3 intake fans to the mobo i can run install/run software in OS to control the speeds?

    cheers for the help

  5. well ive decided to plug all fans (in and out) to the PSU for now - seems as though there are spots on the mobo for these, 3 i've spotted but they small 4 pin plugs on the fans dont fit to those on mobo - i've connected all fans via molex - i hope thats OK - would really appreciate if someone could chip in to say if i'm on the right path here

    also hooked up those little fiddly wires from the front panel to the system panel header on mobo - i've think i just got to do the following..

    1. 24 & 8 pin power connectors from psu to mobo

    2. system panel usb to mobo header (i wont bother with firewire as i have no hardware / devices with that connection, also not to bothered about from esata if the rear one works)

    3. convert 2 front panel usb 3.0 to 2.0 and attach to mobo header (i dont have any usb 3.0 devices)

    4. fix sata / power cables for optical drive and HDD to mobo

    5. figure out if this thing will work on the onboard graphics 1st time for me to install OS or if i should place my redundant ATi HD 4870 in there for this purpose

    doesnt seem like a lot and i should be ready to go

    i've got the front panel hd audio connected to mobo - do i need anything else for onboard sound (this move should allow me to use front panel audio or rear panel i/o for audio), the ac'97 connector appears to be redundant for this mobo)

    really appreciate someone telling me if im on/off the right tracks - a bit nervous to say the least, lol

  6. hmmm quite here, strange for tomshardware

    so i thought i had everything i needed to be hooked up but when i hit the power switch i can hear a faint click sound in the PSu and nothing happens - can anyone begin to suggest where i may have messed up or missed something

    gosh darn

  7. i was clearly too eager, got it all running to the boot screen wahey!!

    my mistakes were not reading carefully or deciphering the ambiguous mobo instructions re the 12v supplementary power cable (4 or 8 pin - i was using a 6pin+2 - and the ATX power cable itself, 20 / 24 pin - i was using 20+4)

    i now have just 4 pin in the supplementary at top of mobo and 20 pin ATX - got to boot screen OK, now just need to find windows disk

    am i right in thinking i have to install OS before updating mobo BIOS?

    looking better - thanks again!
  8. The fans into molex is fine they will just run at full speed constantly rather than ramping up as temperature increases if they were plugged into the mobo.

    I would install the OS then go online and download the latest drivers for the manufactures website, same for all components never use the disk supplied drivers and normally always out of date
  9. i can't for the life of me figure out how some of the drivers are installed - for instance, broadcom lan driver (straight from the asrock website for my board), folders with cat, sys, and inf files.

    is it a case of throwing them on a fat32 USB stick and browsing through boot screen to install?

    that one in particular would be handy to get on my network and internet from the new system

    when the lan is working i figured I'd install the following in order;

    1. hardware - GPU (GTX 460 SOC)
    2. BIOS - using Asrock instant flash on boot from USB (in fat32)
    3. install USB 3.0 drivers
    4. take a look at the Lucid Virtu and browse other drivers for what I need

    cheers for any help with the lan driver, cheers

  10. everything is flying, appears a nice stable OC on the 2500K @ 4.2

    never seen my video card so cool - idling in mid 20s

    i shall post some pics tomorrow, yay for me and thanks for help

  11. as promised...

    all going well, NZXT sentry 2 fan controller and some cold cathode lighting arriving tomorrow

    my old Dell XPS 420, the ATI HD 4870 512MB is doing a great job with gaming still, I fitted it with Scythe Musashi cooler after XFX fan went

  12. now with sentry 2 fan controller and cold cathode tube

    the newegg video links were awesome and a massive help

    all going really well and overall ecstatic with my 1st pc build

    thanks all

    will purchase SSD when I can afford and possibly BD-RE if I ever buy a standalone blu-ray (doubtful), the SSD is priority and then Gigabyte GTX 560ti OC for BF3 arrival :p

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