New gaming rig, what mobo?

Hello, im going to be building a new rig in the next few months (as soon as i have enough money)

I am wondering 2 things:

1. shall i go AMD or Intel?
im a AMD fan but as i want to buy all new parts i cant get hold of a 1100t so my only option are the bulldozers and a lot of people say the i5's are a better bet.

so AMD Bulldozer FX-6 6200 OR Intel i5 3570k?

2. i will eventually want to crossfire (never done it) do i need a mobo that has 2 x 16x lanes? or is it not necessary? and what would you recommend?

i will be playing a lot of CSS, COD, Diablo 3 on a 2 x 1080p 22" monitors

the rest of the components are:
Case - HAF X
Cooler - H100
GPU - HD 6870 x 2 later
HDD - 1TB Spinpoint

Thanks Tim
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  1. Overclocking is a must as well
  2. Anyone?
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