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I have an ASUS netbook, about two years old. It's no longer able to do certain things.

1. I can not adjust the volume because it seems to think that the control panel does not exist.
2. I have the Microsoft Works program on the computer. It does not recognize the program when I click on it (both the desktop icon and via program files) to open a new document, but it does allow me to open a Works document that I already created if I click on that document directly.
3. I can not play already installed games, such as solitaire. The computer no longer recognizes that they exist.

Any ideas about what is wrong and what I can do about it (before taking it to a repair shop)? Thanks.
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  1. From the looks of it I guess you haven't maintain your system that well for the last 2 years and you haven't reinstall the os and the os degrades overtime. I think the sound is a driver issue, the MS works is shortcut target issue and the solitaire is a window component accidentally uninstalled with shortcut remain or again a shortcut target issue.

    You can do patch up work to fix these individual problem but I recommend a fresh re installation of os.
  2. I would recommend a fresh install of the OS as well. It will be less time consuming and less frustrasting than trying to chase down each issue individually to resolve the mone at a time.

    Backup any important files first because everything on the C: Drive is going to get deleted when you do a reinstall.
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