Memory Mother Board combo??

Hi Forum,

I'll be purchasing a ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard for a i7-2700K CPU (no i don't want hot Ivy Bridge, and it cost extra 60$ here in Australia for i7-3770K over the i7-2700K).

I was wandering if someone could help me out with selecting some RAM (8GB is sufficient, i only game).
I heard models with lower numbers, ie. CL7 is better than say CL8 and CL9 etc.

Could someone help me select a 8GB RAM, 1300-1600hz or wateva with low timings (spending around $65-$80 maximum) from this website:

I had my eye on this particular one, not sure if its great? ==>

Rest of my setup is going to be 7970 Crossfire for my 120hz monitor. Corsair 850W TX PSU, and probably grab a 120GB SSD.

I'm planning to make purchase this weekend (saturday) or soon after.

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