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I never build a gaming pc b4 so i dont know how to shop for or how to pick parts,that being said i was looking in newegg and they have some good i think DIY PC Combos if ya can tell me if there good or no and if ya can tell some good i5-25k builds and is there any way to have a i5-25k and x2 6850 gaming pc for $1000?


Approximate Purchase Date:ASAP!!!!!
Budget Range:$1000
System Usage from Most to Least Important:gaming
Parts Not Required:keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers
Preferred Website(s) for
Country of Origin:us
Parts Preferences:CPU i5-25K
SLI or Crossfire: Yes
Monitor Resolution:1600x900
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  1. DIY kits seem like a good deal, but in most cases, you can hand pick parts for cheaper
  2. There certainly is. In fact, you can get 2 560 Ti's if you use rebates and combo like a fool, and 6870's without rebates.
  3. I'm a little confused as to why you need 2 6850's let alone a 2500K when you're not overclocking. And your resolution is so small (1600x900). A 5770 would max out on that resolution in most games @ high.
  4. b/c i going to upgrade to a 24" or 27" monitor in the future and the 25k is b/c in case i ever want too i can
  5. Well I'd suggest getting a single 560 Ti OC'd, then getting another one later. It'll give you way more perf, a single OC'd 560 Ti even from manufacturers stock OC is equivalent to a 570.
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    Looks good. Maybe save a bit more with the PSU and go with this one.

    2x5850 would perform about the same as 2x6850. Just stick with 2x6850 for availability reasons.

    Get this HDD instead
    More reliable, cheaper on Amazon, Faster too.

    I'd spend a little more on the 6850 and get this for cooling reasons
  7. cool thx
  8. np
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