I7 2600k Stock cooler problems

Hey, newbie with a problem! :D (Gotta love them)

Well, I have recently brought a new motherboard (Asus Sabertooth P67) along with i7 2600K CPU (Stock cooler).
I needed to upgrade my computer as it was getting old, but after putting everything together and configured everything.

I can't for the love of god put my fan speed on the stock cooler to 100% in the Bios,
I've set it to manual and applied the "correct" values to maintain the highest speed.

When I exit and save from bios, the computer shuts down, now when it starts up again, the CPU fan speed is on 100% I can hear the noise.
But right after the Bios Logo screen has appeared I can hear the fan speed get low and quiet (as if it's running on 50% speed).

Still with this speed I have the fan running at 2000 rpm, which works fine.

But I heard it is quite possible to get the 2600 at 4,2 Ghz with the stock cooler,
but as i don't have any control over the fan speed I do not dare to even try Overclocking it to 4,2 ghz.

Anyone knows why/how I can get the fan speed to maintain 100% fan speed ?

Here is my computers components (in case someone wants to know ^^)

Asus Sabertooth P67
i7 2600K CPU @ 3,4 ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6870
Antec PSU CP-850 800W
Crucial DDR3 BallistiX 1600MHz 4GB (4x 2gb)

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  1. I don't know why you get to the fan up to 100% but really if you are going to overclock you should pick up a better third party HSF (heatsink). Anything from an Cooler Master Hyper 212+ to the Noctua NH-D14 will help you overclock and get great preformance out of your Intel® Core™ i7-2600K.

    Also the memory that you have select is 1.65v. With the 2nd generation Intel Core processors you want to use memory running at 1.5v ± 5% maximum. Since you already have this memory and may not be able to return go into the Bios and see if it will run stable by changing to 1.5v but you don't want to let this run at 1.65v.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. I appreciate the reply, I've managed to get the memory to run at 1.5v still going to test a little to see if it's stable.

    Though still not able to get max speed on my cooler, but sure I'll get a better cooler and see if it might yield some better results.
    I were not planning on using the stock cooler anyway, I just heard it was possible to go 4,2 Ghz with it so I though I would give it a try.

    Anyway, thank you for the reply ^^
  3. The most I have heard people running with the stock is right at 4GHz. While I am sure that someone out there will push that, I wouldnt try to get much over that.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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