Case fans don't turn on and I have no video signal

I posted this in the cpu power supply section, I figure it would be better here this is my response to someone asking if I connected everything to the motherboard.. hopefully someone can take it from there and help me move forward, right now I am at a stand still..

I checked and double checked connections. I reseated the cpu, reapplied the heatsink with new thermal paste. I put an older pci-e video card in to make sure it wasn't my new card, to no avail. I switched the ram to different slots, still nothing. The heatsink fan comes on, the psu fan comes on and the video cards fans come on. All 3 case fans still do not come on at all and the I have no video signal from two different video cards. I reset the cmos according to the motherboard manual, still nothing. It's really looking like I have a bad motherboard. But the fact that the heatsink and video card fans are spinning makes me think there could be a chance of improper connection. Besides the the front panel connections everything is pretty straight forward. I dont have any cables that aren't plugged besides extra leads from the power supply.

If the case or something was causing an electrical issue I would think that nothing would turn on if the motherboard was shorting out. I thought about getting adapters for the case fans to plug into the psu but that wouldn't help the no video signal issue. So it seems my power supply is fine, everything else I have no idea because I don't have video or a speaker to see if its passing post.
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  1. Just because you have some fans power on may not mean the PSU is good. You have 5V and 12V from the PSU. Try putting a meter to see if you have both. What do these three fans connect to? PSU direct or off the main board. I'm assuming PSU as most main boards don't have that many connections.
  2. The 3 fans are plugged into the motherboard fan headers, none come on at all. The cpu fan is also plugged into the motherboard header, and it comes on. On top of that I get no video signal from an old and my new pci-e video card. The old one gets power from the express slot, not the psu, no video signal. When I shut down the computer I hear what sounds like the hard drives turning off also, could just be the one plugged into the psu for power. I have a raptor drive with the sata/power cable in one and it just plugs not in sata connector on motherboard. Another odd thing is my power button on the case turns the computer on but wont turn it off unless I have to hold it longer than 10 second, least of my worries.

    Basically I am lost now, besides taking out the ram and starting it up one by one I dont know what else could be done. I have already reseated the cpu, the thing just drops in no pressure needed and the lever closes into place with ease. I guess I could leave it run for a min and see if the heatsink gets hot to make sure my cpu is good. To me it looks like the motherboard because the fans and the video card are unrelated and dont work associated with this motherboard. I would looove for someone to tell me something I havent read online to try.

    It sucks cause I ordered a whole build, didnt like my choice, ordered new parts and am going to return the old stuff. I knew that I would get a bad motherboard just by reading reviews from every brand manufacture, seems like people get a DOA mobo's a lot.
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