ALFA awus036h versus WRT-54G ( DD-WRT enabled)

Dont get me wrong, i love the ALFA, it works flawless with backtrack 4, i can set the injection rate to 1000 no problems,however in windows XP it does a crappy job of connecting to AP`s unless the signal is 80% or more, and i`ve found that i`m better not not using the ALFA software for connecting, if i go into windows zero config mode i have better sucess connecting and pulling in the gateway..( this is the main problem with the alfa software, it connects but struggles to lock onto the IP and gateway IP.i recently downloaded TCP optimizer and this did help alot, but it will still work for a while then stop as if the signal dropped, then go WRT-54G is setup in repeater mode, and i can lock onto the same AP and surf the web even with a 2% signal, Both the afla and wrt-54g in the same room, but a huge difference when it comes to pulling DNS info and maintaining a connection. the ALFA uses a 9db antenna, the WRT-54G has dual 7db antennas, both will pull in 12 to 15 networks at any given time, ( the ALFA actually pulls a couple more usually) and both show around the same for db signal strength, but still the WRT-54G provides a steady usable connection even with a very weak signal. has anyone else compared the 2 of these? any ideas ?
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  1. Have you considered disabling power savings options?
  2. Psychoteddy said:
    Have you considered disabling power savings options?

    yea, i already have that disabled...its got to be the firmware (rt8187)..the firmware on the WRT-54G is DD-WRT, much more advanced, and obviously a whole lot better and pulling DNS info to provide a gateway...The ALFA will pulling tons of networks, but connecting is a whole different story...
    in backtrack 4 it kicks ass when it comes to injecting data packets into an AP half a block away, but still struggles to connect unless its a good solid signal.
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