Motherboard wont boot with RAM

Hello! New member here. I've been around the site and had many other questions answered by this great forum. However, I have a hideous problem.
Everything new, Im not that experienced with building but I've done it before.

Mobo: Asus P8z68-V/GEN3

CPU: i7 3770K

Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz | 9-9-9-24 | 1.35V | I bought 2 sets of 8GB(2X4GB) = 16GB

PSU: Corsair GS800W

Here's what I'm seeing: Just have the cpu, cpu fan and another case fan plugged in. And a monitor into the onboard DVI. When I plug in 1 memory stick (into the correct slot if only using 1 stick) and power on, the case fan starts up, CPU acts like it's about to go, but then everything turns off and keeps rebooting over and over.

However, when i remove all memory, it starts up and runs forever. I dont get anything on the monitor though.

Now here's whats up: I've tested different known-to-work DDR3 RAM out of a seperate computer and I get the same issue as before; reboot cycles.

Has anybody had similar issues? I have a feeling that the motherboard I got isn't working. What do you experts think?
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  1. Alrighty. Double posting for great success.

    Is there an isue with the 1.35V RAM? What the heck does that even matter?
  2. It sounds like you are describing an issue I've had a few times with builds. It always turned out to be fixed by replacing the motherboard.
  3. A lot of online sources point to motherboard so it's time to buckle up and go through a nightmarish RMA.
  4. Ragamoose said:
    A lot of online sources point to motherboard so it's time to buckle up and go through a nightmarish RMA.

    If you bought it from Newegg, it won't be nightmarish at all. It can all be done online, even the shipping label if you want. They will send an email saying the RMA has been approved, and all you do is package it up and drop it off at UPS, USPS, or your favorite shipper. Unfortunately it takes about a 3 week turn around to get the new one.

    What I usually do, is order a new board before I RMA the old one. Then tell them to 'refund' rather than replace, but no re-stocking fee because you are buying a replacement to expedite the PC assembly.
  5. Yeah I just worked up when I have to deal with RMA wait times and such. Money is always an issue so I can't order another Motherboard for a while. Never had a Newegg build go smooth.
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