BUILDING new PC right now need help with MB mounting

I am finally building up my pc and I put the motherboard in the case now im confused about something...there are 9 screw holes on the motherboard with metal dots around them which im assuming are for grounding..well my case is the Corsair 300r and it has a metal thing that was already screwed in as part of the case that sticks up threw one of the screw holes on the motherboard. i assumed this was supposed to stay like that maybe to help line everything i suposed to remove this from the case first so i can put a screw in its place? please let me know asap i cant move on till i figure that out...the hole also has the metal dots for grounding which is why i am wondering if a screw goes here..dont wanna not have it grounded right and mess up the MB..thanks

here are some pictures of what i am talking about
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  1. Just leave that there it is for better aligning the board in the case. Have an old Antec case that has the same thing but is threaded and has a nut for it.
  2. all goods just use ground screws as mobo hole alignment and u will be fine same here corsair carbide 400r
  3. Yes, that is for guiding your board into position during installation. As long as any/all of the other standoff holes are using screws, you will have more than sufficient grounding. It is intended on being left in.
  4. yea the more i thought about it and looked i realized there is no other way..thanks a lot for the help though i appreciate it
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