Ethernet does not work with xp

Hello, I am running Ubuntu on a removable HD. I just installed XP on another removable HD. The MoBo LAN does not work in XP eventhough Device manager says the latest driver. I even download Emaching W-3107 driver ( my MoBo is FIC K8MC51G has Emachine logo on wake up ). What is going on?. H/W is OK since it works with Linux. Thanks.
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    Since you know that the hardware is good thanks to linux, it is most likely a software issue. Are you getting an IP address? Did you give the computer a static IP?

    It pretty much seems like its a software issue, like a wrong driver or a bad configuration. Go to and type in the hardware id of the network adapter. to find the hardware id go to the device manager, right-click on the adapter, select properties, click on details, and change the drop down menu to hardware id, copy and then paste the id into the website and then it will search for a driver for you. Its never %100 correct but I have had luck with this over anything else that I have tried.

    Oh and was there more than one network driver on the manufactures website?
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