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Hi, I want to ask can anyone send me (of course I will pay for it) tracks foil (I'm not sure that is the name for it in english but I'm talking about that foil which is under keys and has golden tracks on it) for Logitech G19 (unfortunately I slipped tea on it).

If anyone please send me a PM.
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  1. Never post your e-mail address in a post. You need to edit your original post to delete that information.

    Also, have you contacted Logitech?
  2. I don't know why but I can't edit that message.

    I did contact to Logitech but they can't bring me that foil. Isaw one topic in which some guy offers to sell spare parts but He's not active from five months and I doubt that he will now.
  3. I asked a moderator to edit your original post. Your best best may be to buy a new keyboard (new or used) to be honest with you.

    edit: Sorry for the brain cramp and calling the G19 a mouse.....
  4. Actually it's keyboard and I know that I'm gonna have to buya new one but here may be someone with broken G19 but with working tracks foil.
  5. Did you try eBay?
  6. I just did. Can't find nothing :(
  7. In both.
  8. Understood. Looks like used/defective sources are hard to come by for this model of keyboard. You may just need to get a new kb now and keep you eye out for a defective/used one to use for parts later.

    Good luck!
  9. I just find something on allegro (Polish version of eBay). I don't know if this will be sucessful but I need to try.

    Thanks for wishes.

    Regards! :)
  10. I'm still using the original G15. :cry:

    It's going to be tough to replace.
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