Motherboard Trouble

I have a Gateway NEW90 and when I press the power button nothing happens, no lights, nothing. Someone told me to press and hold Fn and Esc then press the power button when this happens all lights flash briefly and turn off nothing on the screen. However when the battery is placed in the machine and the power button is pressed the battery light will continuously flash orange. Now I have done some research and have found that in other Gateway models this indicates a motherboard failure. However, I have not found any problems with this exact model.

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    is your laptop still on warranty? if yes contact Acer for service

    if not, how much money are you willing to spend on fixing the issue? replacing the motherboard (if that's the issue) is a costly matter for laptops and in most cases I would advise with buying a replacement instead.
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  3. I'm just going to purchase a new laptop this one has given me enough trouble already.
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