Idle gpu temp higher all the sudden

I had recently purchased an asus g74sx mobile notebook. for the first 2 weeks of ruiing the system my idle gpu temp has been 35C-37C max. Today i started up my system and noticed the fan was running which is not normal unless im playing a game. I checked the idle core temp and it was sitting steady at 45C. I know that 45C isnt realy all that much but goin from 37 max to 45 standard is scary to me since its such a new system.

Playing games my temp used to average around 47C and not its hitting as high as 60C

Ive been looking all over the net for that last 3 hours with no luck. The only thing I can find related to the situation is updating bios and im unable to do that due to some errors (diff subject)

does anyone have any idea as to why it would jump almost 10C all the sudden?

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention that the intake/outtake is 100% open and has been cleaned. This notebook has no vents on the bottom but instead has 2 huge vents on the back of the system.
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  1. Something blocking the fan intake/outlet ports?
  2. bump?
  3. Most likely is that the heatsink has lost some of its contact with the CPU, unless you got some malware on the computer so it is not running at idle at all.
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