Extreme 4 Standoff/Mount Question

If you guys have ever seen an ASRock Extreme 4 mobo then you know there are 6 obvious screw/mounting holes along the left side & down the middle of the board.

My question is, is the hole in the top right of the motherboard meant to meet a standoff & be screwed down there too?

In the manual it says that these holes are designated by an obvious white circle, this top right screw hole is the only one that isn't so I'm not sure and would like a definitive answer, thanks.
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  1. If you're talking about this Extreme 4:
    ...I count 10 obvious mounting holes. All should be used. Are you talking about a different Extreme 4 board?
  2. sorry, no, it is the asrock z77 extreme 4. Also I have since figured out that there are a total of seven for this board, thank you though.

    That said the top & bottom right holes in this board are not for stand offs or for screwing down.
  3. if this is it:

    I count 8 holes, are you saying 2 on the right edge are not for mounting?
  4. Not the micro-atx, this one isn't as small as a micro but it's shorter on the right side than the extreme 6 mobo:

    This is the one I speak of:

    4 holes on the left, 3 up the center.
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    OK. Now that makes sense. Yes, that board is designed to only 'need' the 7 holes that match up with the standard standoff spots in most cases. What some folks do with the extra hole in the corner (myself as well), is use a plastic stand-alone standoff like these:

    I put one in the corner hole in slim boards like that because it gives a bit more support when pressing down on the board to insert the memory sticks.
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