Advanced settings for Realtek PCIe GBE controller

I have a gigabyte ga-x85a-ud5 rev2.0 mobo and was wondering what all of the advanced settings for Nic controller should be set to. I was told by the company whose trading software i use to disable all 'checksum offloads' in advanced settings, but i was wondering if there were any others that would maybe improve performance. Ive tried looking online for info pertaining to this, but i cant find anything that really explains what all of the setting do. Does anyone know of any good posts relating to this?

I wanted to know what-- ARP offload , Flow control , interrupt moderation , Large Send offload v2 , NS offload , Priority & Vlan , and Receive Side Scaling all do. They are all enabled.

I was also wondering about Jumbo Frame, Large Send offload v2(IPv4), Large Send offload v2(IPv6) which are all disabled.

Im just trying to make everything as efficient as can be. So i figured i might as well tweak what i can. Here are my other settings just in case someone sees something i should change.....

Auto disable Gigabit(disabled),
Energy efficient ethernet(disabled),
Green Ethernet(disabled),
IPv4 Checksum Offload(disabled),
receive buffers(512),
Shutdown Wake on LAN(enabled),
Speed and duplex(Auto Negotiate) ive changed this a few times to 100Mbps Full Duplex because of something i read online
TCP Checksum offload(IPv4)(disabled),
TCP Checksum offload(IPv6)(disabled),
Transmit buffers(128),
UDP Checksum offload(IPv4)(disabled),
UDP Checksum offload(IPv6)(disabled),
Wake on Magic Packet(enabled),
Wake on Pattern Match(enabled),
WOL & Shutdown Link Speed(10 Mbps first)

Thanx to all who lend a hand.
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  1. turn on offloading, it reduces your cpu usage... also set the buggers to their highest value. They're typically already set there though.
  2. Which ones because my trading application company recommended shutting off all of the Checksum offloads.
  3. All four of them. TCP ipv4,ipv6 and UDP ipv4,ipv6 he is correct it does lower your CPU usage. i dont know why your company would recommend turning them off. I have all of mine set to Rx and Tx enabled. I don't know if that answers your question or not.
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