EVGA GTX 560Ti vs Diamond HD 6870

Please Take a look at my specs and let me know what you think will be more suitable for me. I understand anything will be better than a BFG 9800GT eco-intelligent. I'm looking for something within the 250 range. Please just advise. Also how do I get my specs to show up at the bottom automatically, is that my signature?
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  1. The GTX 560 Ti is faster than the HD6870. By about 10-15% at high resolutions, more if you buy an overclocked model or do so yourself.
    That said there is an XFX HD6950 2gb on buy.com at the moment for $252 shipped which would be your best choice IMO.
    It is slightly faster than the GTX 560 Ti and can be unlocked into an HD6970 with a BIOS flash which is even faster.
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